Follow-up Tweetro to Release Paid Version on Windows Store Due to Twitter Restrictions

Telecom-technologyMicrosoft has on hand a colossal, an operating system like Windows 10 Mobile that has the responsibility to put Microsoft on the map of mobile operating systems. Not being a single company but the potential exists, and these high expectations may be justified in a way, the slowness of the company take new steps forward.

Now, after a presentation of 2015 figures quite disappointing, but with the light at the end of the tunnel posed by growth in countries for Tweetro to release paid version on Windows store due to Twitter restrictions comes another good news from Japan.

VAIO, and detached completely from Sony for some time, has chosen Windows 10 Mobile for its second smartphone. And this, for Microsoft, should be good news.

Microsoft’s Strategy Should be Similar to Android

Microsoft has never been alone in the battle against other mobile operating systems, but neither has much in their power to help their partners. Terminals recall many manufacturers, such as Samsung ATIV herself with, or as Windows Wave’s latest addition to their official ROMs for both the IPAD 2 as supposedly come for the future Xiaomi Mi5.

  • What Microsoft needs to understand is that Android is where it is because it has always put the red carpet under the feet of their manufacturers.
  • Maybe now things are changing, but its growth to its high adoption was due, together with the operating system was sufficiently attractive.
  • Windows 10 Mobile is already beautiful in itself, but the app store remains weak.
  • If we add that the updates are delayed more than expected, it all adds to switch to Windows 10 does not end up being attractive to the public.
  • That, and the variety of terminals. The latter seems to be starting to change.

Hardware Opening

Recently talked about here that the compatibility of Continuum with Snapdragon 617 would facilitate the expansion of the system in the hands of third parties, to power these manufacturers provide the most powerful tool of Microsoft right now.

The VAIO Phone Biz is already here, and not likely to be costly. Also, it adds to Funker W5.5, the first Spanish mobile with Windows 10 Mobile.

The new VAIO Phone Biz may err in his name, more focused on the business sector to the general public, but succeeds in some key features.

The first, which is a new robust and compatible mobile with Continuum, the feature that allows you to use your phone as CPU of a desktop computer. There VAIO plays an important role because it has the rest of the equipment: monitors, keyboards, mice, etc. And Microsoft with money.

The second, and this is against, to be sold as a free smartphone. We forget Windows Wave or any other operator. Free access to a terminal with Windows 10 that can be ours, if we lived in Japan for about 400 euros to change.

Taking a look at its features, the business seems quite round. The problem is the idiosyncrasies of Japanese users, with lots of money to buy iPhones and Androids high – end and a culture of relatively stable mobile operator.

The third, Windows Phone has an almost nonexistent market share in Japan , and an alliance with a manufacturer as known locally as VAIO can be a breath of fresh air.

Interestingly, as are six Japanese manufacturers who are supporting Windows 10 Mobile, so the fight in the country to stay with Windows 10 share future seems bright. VAIO, also with laptops, would start with a compelling advantage despite being the last to arrive.

Nothing to Expect Yet

Their numbers are weak, except one thing, but we are not a few who have faith in the future of Windows 10 Mobile. The boot is being very slow although there are indications that the situation may change. More manufacturers, more applications and better services. It all adds up to Microsoft to grow in mobile.

Although everything will, of course, that Microsoft itself slow down a bit its excessive pace of launches Lumias. And that, so it can be seen, it is also happening.

Give air to the partners is always good, and it looks like it is what is making the team Nadella. In fact, the arrival of this VIAO may be due to an agreement between the two companies.

Microsoft in search share and terminals, VAIO for funding due to his solo career away from Sony The ecosystem of applications that are being organized in iOS and Android is more appealing, and if self – help division, Microsoft 10 Mobile can have a great future.

Windows Phone Updates

As had anticipated, Microsoft has begun to deploy the upgrade to Windows 10 for mobile and partly, it is an understandable delay in their arrival because Microsoft seems to have taken many precautions to make as simple and trouble – free upgrade.

According to official information, there are up to 18 models of terminals that can be upgraded to the new system, including the Lumia Series. Out of the list, some phones of a certain charisma remain Nokia as the Lumia 1020 or Lumia 925, and so far it is not known if in the future Microsoft could extend the update to them.

However, the first thing you should do to upgrade your phone is download the software Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor available on the Microsoft apps store.

Using this application, similarly to which Microsoft released to upgrade to Windows 10 computers, you can find out if your phone qualifies to install the new system and will guide you step by step to do so.

The only obstacle that some users are finding is in customizations of some operators that may prevent the update and in this case the message is something like “good news, your phone is compatible. We are working with your carrier to make available the update “.

If you do not have enough space, the software will help you move documents, photos or videos to a micro SD card or a disc OneDrive cloud to free up space.

Once you have the necessary clearance, as usual, it is recommended to have the phone connected to a Wi-Fi and power, network, and then go to section system within the settings of Windows Phone and click on the section Update phone. In this section, you can download and install the update. Of course, if you have free space and know that your phone meets the requirements can directly go to this last step without installing the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor program.

However, if you think you need free space is a good idea to install it because with this same program that lets you retrieve files released once you have updated your phone.

Microsoft says the update retains the settings you had in Windows Phone and highlights some of the new features we already knew as universal applications Tweetro to release paid version on Windows store due to Twitter restrictions rapid access to more settings and revised as maps applications.

Microsoft also recommends taking a look at the available updates apps to have the latest versions, as well as the new “Get, started” application that is installed on the terminal and provides a guided tour of the most significant innovations of Windows 10 for mobile.

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