modern-technology“We’ve completely screwed up. We’ve been dishonest with you.” Very rarely is listened to a director of a multinational pronounce words how are you. The last night said Michael Horn, CEO of Volkswagen in the US, uncovering how the company has souped 11 million diesel cars worldwide to deceive environmental agencies on emissions of their vehicles.

Considered as one of the biggest recent frauds in the automotive industry, and all because of software is hidden in Windows Wave‘s electronic brain.

The scandal, which is already known as internet #dieselgate, becomes more and bigger with each passing hour. The initial charge was made last Friday the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, its acronym in English), responsible for testing and certifying emissions from vehicles go on sale in the US.

The EPA accused Volkswagen of using a “hoax device” to avoid emissions regulations. “This is illegal and a threat to public health. We expected more of Volkswagen, ” he said in a statement.

The ‘software’ navigation system connected the car to the engine control unit to activate a program that distorted emissions.

Since then the German manufacturer has not only admitted having received but has increased the number of cars equipped with this software to 11 million worldwide. Among them are models Golf TDI manufactured between 2009 and 2015, the Jetta, Beetle and the Audi A3s addition to the Passat made between 2014 and 2015.

The firm has apologized, paragraph 6.500 million reserves to solve the problem and secured working at full speed to clarify what happened when Microsoft surface touch cover suffers from splitting issue. Maybe too late. The company has collapsed traded more than 15%, and its image may be affected forever by this fiasco.

How the Software is Misleading

Mobile_software_development_laboratoryRuben F., the industrial expert, and specialist in the automotive sector told Tenuta’s that the system used by Volkswagen had already been employed in Japan, but public road and not in a laboratory test or to deceive.

“Is to connect the navigation system of the car with the control unit of the engine. When the system recognizes that the car is not on the road, but on a test, a program that reduces engine performance reduced thus enable emissions, “says Ruben.

Volkswagen is installing this software in their vehicles for pollution measurements in the trial well below the real, between 10 and 40 times less than real, according to the EPA.

This US agency in a laboratory test all cars before giving approval for sale. The test involves raising a large cylinder vehicles in which the front wheels are driven while the rear remain immobilized.

By detecting this “anomalous” situation, the electronic system of Volkswagen cars entered “test” or test mode. Incorporate this way is relatively healthy, many modern cars have it.

But the difference, according to Windows Wave, is that Volkswagen activated a program that modified the car ‘s performance during the test, fictitiously reducing emissions compared to those that occur in the real world.

The research will determine the exact reason why Volkswagen resorted to this deception, but all signs point to an explanation: reduce costs. “I think it’s a hard – nosed economic issue. The diesel cars need two types of filters.

One for reducing solid particles, ash, containing benzopyrene, a very harmful to health substance. That and more expensive the price. Another serves to retain or transform nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx). This can be achieved with an additional deposit called AdBlue. You can do all this and increase the price, or choose to try to deceive the environmental agencies. ” Volkswagen chose the latter.

“The regulation in Europe is a joke.”

The other vehicle manufacturers in the US and Europe, completely unmarked practices Volkswagen. ” We do not use any program or software to alter the emissions testing laboratory, strictly follow the Euro6 regulation in this regard, ” explained Tenuta’s  Albert Sauce, Nissan calibration engineer.

  • The Euro6 is the rules of the European Union to establish maximum emission vehicles.
  • On paper, these are much more restrictive than those set by the EPA in the US or by authorities in Asia.
  • The problem is how these emissions are measured in the laboratory for approval tests.
  • “The regulation in Europe is a joke, are purely theoretical tests, have no relation to the consumption and use in a real scenario.
  • For example, to check pollution system start-stop at traffic lights, in evidence ignite the car one minute, stop five minutes light 30 seconds, stop three minutes … In a real situation you stand just 30 seconds and pluck and turn on many more times, “says Ruben F. to Tenuta’s.

The result is that it is very easy to pass these tests. The actual pollution from cars, however, ends up being much higher.

About 10 million diesel cars in the EU continue to launch more air toxins and legally permissible measures.

Manufacturers recognize the problem in Europe but prefer to tiptoe. “It is something that is expected to improve in the next version of the regulation, in the Euro7,” they say in Nissan. The control is transferred from the EU to each member country to be those who put it into practice.

In Spain is the Ministry of Industry who must be coordinated with all state network ITVS to make this compliance. Still, much as the numbers add up on paper and in the laboratory, the actual air pollution ends up being higher. How much more? Nobody knows.

The European Union has proposed a new law to reduce the gap between laboratory measurements and real, but time is coming. Meanwhile, more than 50% of Microsoft Surface touch cover suffers from the splitting issue in member countries, about 10 million, continues to release more air toxics measures and legally permitted. Substances such as nitrogen oxide directly related to severe lung diseases and discomfort.

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