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Personal Information

Personal data that the user of the Windows Wave site provided to register or to subscribe to the publication in question as well as those generated during Navigating and the use of products / services / content / subscriptions Universe.

The user must provide accurate information about their personal data and are responsible for keeping them updated. Users who provide false information may be excluded from the services of Windows Wave to which they belong.


Administering and controlling of user registration in the Windows Wave and any requests, subscriptions or other contracts that the user performs in the Windows Wave.

Know that we have third party advertisements on our website. Upon registation, you will be asked if you are agreeing to see these announcements. If you agreed, our staff may serve ads based on your browsing history:

(1) on this website,
(2) in the universe of this site or other Windows Wave; or
(3) by third parties; in all.


Our website is not designed for children under 14 years of age. For anyone who is registered and proven as someone who does not have the appropriate age, we reserve the right to remove their account.


Through this section the use of data on the relationship between this website and users (visitors and interested) in the corresponding services thereof (from now on USERS) indicated.

In order to facilitate rapid and efficient development of the relationship between the company and the users, the company guaranteed by this notice.

Privacy services by legal requirements and informs regarding its privacy policy of data of character USERS staff to determine freely and voluntarily if they wish to provide personal information the COMPANY via any route, where appropriate electronic form on its website.

USERS consent to the processing of such personal data by the corporation in the following terms:

1.1. The company guarantees the confidentiality of personal data provided by users and their treatment in accordance with the legislation on protection of personal data.

Having adopted the security levels of protection of personal data that are legally required, and installed all the technical means and measures at its disposal to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of personal data.

1.2. The company will provide users with the appropriate technical resources so that, before the delivery of personal data, can access this notice or any other relevant information and give their consent to the company to proceed with the processing of personal data of users.

1.3 The collection and treatment of personal data, as a result of browsing through the pages of the Website, consultation, request or subscribe to any service / s, promotion / is or contest / s.

From those offered directly by the company, also it aims to provide the user with a personalized experience on the Web, maintaining the relationship will eventually established between them and the management,  or use, and the adequacy of those services to the preferences and tastes of the USERS.

1.4 Through social network Facebook (from now on Facebook), the user can also publish content from your account at the Community, the social network website Trade in your Facebook profile, if determined the USER is associating both services.

It also aims at the quantitative and qualitative study of the visits and the use of services by users, the design of new services related to the services of the company and its updates.

Also, the user is aware, is informed and agrees that:

information your personal data will be used when so required by the competent injunctive or administrative authorities;

The Company may use cookies (files sent to a browser by a web server to record USER activities in the WEBSITE) when a user browses the sites and pages on the Website;

Web servers of the enterprise may be registered in some cases automatically the IP address and domain name used by the user by recording this information in a file server.

This activity that allows the subsequent processing of data in order to obtain measurements statistics that reveal the number of page impressions, the number of visits to web services, etc.

This site is being measured and audited Certifies with solutions that you can use marks on pages and anonymous to analyze what happens in our pages, by the privacy policy available on their respective web cookies.

For clarifications regarding our Privacy Policy, message us through our Contact Us page.

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