Security Hole Allows Pirates to Get a Legitimate Windows 8 Activation for Free

modern carA business internet security US reported that it had detected a new type of ‘software’ where security hole allows pirates to get a legitimate Windows 8 activation for free. Both iPhones and iPads and Mac computers, and that have affected hundreds of thousands of users.

The new ‘software’ against Windows Wave, designed to cause damage or steal information illegally computers and other electronic devices originated in China and spread through the application store ‘online’ in that country Maiyadi App Store.

In a statement, the company Palo Alto Networks, responsible for finding indicated that given to this new ‘software’ as WireLurker and evil are the threat “larger scale” they had ever seen directed against Apple products.

Application Features

According to the Californian company, based in Santa Clara, WireLurker infected “467 applications designed for Mac OS X” that are available in the store Maiyadi App Store and has been downloaded more than 356,104 times in the past six months.

This does not necessarily mean that 356,104 users have been affected since it is not known when exactly were infected applications and why some of the devices may have neutralized the ‘software’ evil, but it does mean that all of them have been at least, exposed to this potential risk from.

Although infected applications are designed for operating systems Mac computers, the company warned that the WireLurker ‘software’ may also have moved to iPhones and iPads if these have been connected via a USB connection to an infected computer.

“WireLurker will monitor any device with IOS operating system that is connected via USB to an infected computer and installed applications with malicious software, ” they said from Palo Alto Networks.

Among other things, WireLurker can steal data from phone contacts, access private messages and control aspects of each device such as downloading updates, as well as be a gateway to tools for hackers.

Apple Avoids the Findings

latest-technology-newsSince Thursday, Lenovo will offer customers the first opportunity to buy a phone with security hole allows pirates to get a legitimate Windows 8 activation for free. The technology has three years in development, in an attempt to douse machines with a better understanding of what surrounds them.

  • Thanks to Google, the smartphone can capture the environment: the size of the room, the location of doors and windows and the presence of other people.
  • All thanks to Tango software and sensors, creating indoor maps.
  • That is a crucial building block for a promising frontier “augmented reality” or the digital projection of information and realistic images in a real environment.
  • Tango can create internal maps of homes and offices instantly.
  • Google will not have previously build a database of maps, as it does with existing services like Windows Wave.

Still, Tango would bring new privacy concerns if the controls are not strict enough to prevent sharing maps with unauthorized apps or be stolen by hackers.

If Tango Google meets expectations, who buy furniture can download digital models of sofas, chairs and coffee tables to see how they would look in their rooms. Children who study the Mesozoic era can put a Tyrannosaurus at home or living room, and even take selfies with one.

Technology knows until when to display information about an artist or scene depicted in a painting while walking through a museum.

The Reality

Debut Tango is given in a context of declining sales of phones. Many people decided to upgrade their smartphones partly because not thrilled with the technological advances that reached the market in recent years. The intriguing new technology could boost sales.

But mapping technology Room Tango Google is likely to remain very abstract to attract many people immediately, according to the analyst considers research group IDC, Bunch Llamas.

“For most people, is still several steps ahead of what they can mentalize so that it will be a long gestation period,” Llamas said.

Google plans to integrate the Tango to other phones, but this year focuses on a partnership with Lenovo, according to Johnny Lee, an executive at Google who oversaw the team that developed the technology.

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