We, like BGR, see potential in the surface. But some industry analysts are already calling it a failure. With orders cut in half short after launch, the tablet received mass criticism from most online publications. The tablet was already off to a rough start, but today’s news from Forbes is making the situation look even worse.

Boston-based brokerage firm Detwiler Fenton has now said that the Microsoft Surface will sell less than a million devices before the end of Q4 2012. This is a scary thought for Microsoft if they want to compete with the iPad — Apple sold 17 million iPads in Q3 2012 alone. Forbes revealed numbers from Detwiler Fenton predicting that the Surface might sell between just 500,000 and 600,000 Surfaces for the holiday-shopping month of December. That’s awful.

A new report from The Guardian claims that the Touch Cover for the Microsoft Surface has a design flaw that causes the top of the accessory to split, revealing the wiring that connects the cover to the tablet. The report notes that a number of customers, including Tom Warren for The Verge, have experienced the problem. Microsoft has been replacing faulty covers with new ones for customers at its retail stores while it looks into the issue.

The problem has been reported in both the United Kingdom and United States, indicating that this problem is not isolated to one part of the world. It is unknown if all Touch Covers suffer from fraying, or if the problem only affects a certain batch of covers. The report adds that the splitting appears to be the result of mechanical stress on the cover. If and when Microsoft officially addresses the dilemma, we’ll update this post accordingly.